Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in Egypt

Travel insurance

A. As from June 1st, 2004 all applicants intending to apply for a short term Schengen visa (maximum intended stay of 3 months), including visa for business, family visit, marriage, transit and tourism, are requested to take out travel medical insurance covering any expenses that which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reason, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during his stay.

B. The travel insurance must cover the whole of the Schengen territory.

C. The minimum coverage should amount to at least € 30.000,00 per person.

D. The validity of your policy should cover the entire period of intended stay. 

E. The insurance company used can be either an Egyptian or a foreign-based company.

F. The original travel insurance policy together with one copy will have to be presented together with your visa application file. If necessary, a translation of the policy into French, Dutch, German or English of the main items is to be provided.

G. A non-exhaustive list of insurance companies offering valid travel insurance is available (more details). It should be noted however, that applicants remain free to use companies not mentioned on this list, as long as the insurance meets the above mentioned conditions.

EXCEPTION: This regulation doesn't apply to:

  • Holders of diplomatic passports
  • Husband / wife of EU citizen
  • Partner legally registered of EU citizen
  • Children (less than 21 year old or dependant) of husband / wife / partner legally registered of an EU citizen
  • Ascendant dependant of EU citizen, or of husband / wife / partner legally registered of EU citizen

IMPORTANT: You should always have the original policy in your possession when entering and travelling in the Schengen-area.