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EU, EEE or Swiss Confederation Family member

As a ‘Core’ family members of an EU, EEE or Swiss Confederation citizen, your visa procedure is facilitated: some requirements are not asked and the visa application form is simplified.

1. A so called “EU citizen” is a citizen of one of the European Union countries, of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Swiss Confederation.

2. The following persons are defined as ‘core’ family members:

  • the spouse;
  • the partner with whom the EU citizen has contracted a registered partnership, on the basis of the legislation of any Member State, if the legislation of the host Member State treats registered partnership as equivalent to marriage;
  • the direct descendants who are under the age of 21 or are dependant as well as those of the spouse or partner as defined above; or
  • the dependant direct relatives in the ascending line and those of the spouse or partner as defined above.

3. Visa application form: The same application form has to but used, but you are not obliged to answer to the questions marked with (*) (number 19, 20, 31, 32 and 33) (more details) (*)

4. Visa-handling fee: The visa-handling is free of charge but the service charge of TLS has to be paid

5. Prior appointment through the visa call center  TLScontact  is required.

6. Supporting documents:

Despite the requirements for the specifics types of visa, you have to provide the evidence that:

  • there is an EU citizen from whom the visa applicant can derive any rights;
  • you are a family member (e.g. a translated & legalised marriage certificate, translated & legalised birth certificate, proof of dependency, serious health grounds, durability of partnerships …) of the EU citizen and a copy of his identity card in Belgium or passport
  • the visa applicant accompanies or joins an EU citizen (e.g. a proof that the EU citizen already resides in the host Member State or a confirmation that the EU citizen will travel to the host Member State).

7. The following documents are not required

  • return plane ticket (reservation)
  • medical insurance policy
  • references of accomodations
  • references of financial support