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Advice to Belgian citizens residing in Egypt

Dear compatriots,

This page is for all Belgians in Egypt: those officially registered in the consular register of this post, those on temporary transit, and those staying in Egypt as a tourist!

You will find:

  • Practical advice, valid in all circumstances.
  • The link to the special page, which is updated when an emergency arises and is particularly useful in case of a serious crisis.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wish to remind you that you can always contact the embassy. In case of an emergency you can call the following number 24 hours a day:

+20 (0)122 210 34 33


Practical advice

1. Some basic precautions are in the interest of us all. Remember that it is sensible to:

  • Renew your passport at least seven months before the expiration date. Many countries refuse entry to people in possession of a passport with less than 6 months validity.
  • Keep us informed of any changes in your mail and residential address, telephone, mobile or fax.
  • Fill up the fuel tank of your car when it’s half full.
  • Always keep the following in the house: 
    • a stock of drinking water and a food supply for a week
    • an amount of cash money
    • a first aid kit with e.g. bandages, aspirin, alcohol, antiseptics, medication to treat diarrhea, disinfectant, water purifiers, knife or scissors. 
  • Keep an independent light source (s) and your most used chargers (phone / laptop) at hand.
  • Always keep a bag at hand with your identity documents, (Belgian) passport, credit cards and documents you do not use every day but which are indispensable in case of hasty departure.
  • Try out one or two routes (by car or on foot) to the assembly point of your area / sector.

2. In the event of a security risk or other type of crisis:

  • Know that we, for organizational reasons, have divided the country in different geographical areas and the city of Cairo into different sectors. In each of those areas and sectors, we can count on the voluntary help of compatriots who have accepted to act as warden. I take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication. These wardens are your and our intermediaries. It is through them that we, in case of a (serious) crisis, in addition to the information on our website, will share the most relevant recommendations, information and any instructions.
  • At your registration or first contact with the Embassy you have been provided with the contact details of your head of sector. (If not, please inform us about this.) We recommend you to maintain contact with him / her.
  • In case of a serious crisis, it is possible that the Embassy advices the compatriots of a particular area or sector to gather at the assembly point, that in agreement with those responsible was appointed for each area or sector. Please note that such a meeting cannot happen at the expense of the Belgian Treasury. 

3. To conclude, you only need to know that the Embassy, in case of a crisis, will activate a special page on this website, on which either the Embassy or the FPS Foreign Affairs will share their recommendations, information and any instructions, updated in real time.

My staff and I remain at your disposal and thank you in advance for any potential comments on this information.

Sibille de Cartier